Back To Story Time: 25 Read Alouds For The Classroom

Well, back-to-school time is officially here. When I was a full-time teacher, one of my favorite things to do before the school year started was to pick out the books I would read at story times for the first few weeks. I would choose each one so deliberately, make a written calendar of titles, and stack the books up ever-so-lovingly in my teacher bin. Of course, sometimes I would switch and change things out as the weeks started rolling along, but the planning of it all was always such thoughtful fun. There were certain things I wanted to convey through each story, like welcoming these new learners and building community, and I always made sure we had some silly reads too. Because what is a pre-k or kindergarten class if not silly most of the time?!

If you’re looking for some ideas about what to read as your school year starts, feel free to check out this list of 25 read alouds just for the first month or so.

Look for part two of this list, 25 MORE Read Alouds For Classroom, coming soon! (Psss, it may include a chapter book or two. For those long-term reading goals.)

Happy reading!

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