National Unicorn Day: The Best Books About Unicorns

The Best Books About Unicorns for ages three and up:

In my house we love unicorns. I mean, we LOVE them. They are everywhere from our clothes and our toy bins to our walls and our bookshelves. We love to celebrate the magic that is the kind and majestic Unicorn! If you are unicorn fans too, get prepared for a special holiday in April: National Unicorn Day! Yes, that’s right, April 9th is officially National Unicorn Day, a time to revel in all things unicorn. Here is a book list for National Unicorn Day that includes the best children’s books about unicorns. 

best books about unicorns

The Best Books About Unicorn’s for Ages Three and Up: 

1. Donut: The Unicorn Who Wants to Fly by Laura Gehl and Andrea Zuill. Sweet Donut wants to fly but has no wings. So what’s a Unicorn to do? This book is a cute one, and simple enough for toddlers and up. Also a great choice for children who are learning to read! Watch a video of this book, along with literacy activity, here

 2. Unicorn Day: A Magical Kindness Book for Children by Diana Murray and Luke Flowers. This brightly-colored book is all about the magical kindness of Unicorn day! All are welcome to the sparkly party, even if you aren’t really a unicorn. The kind message and bold illustrations will keep unicorns-at-heart engaged in this happy book. 

Margaret's Unicorn book cover: a girl with a unicorn

3. Margaret’s Unicorn by Briony May Smith. Enchanting art and tender story come together in this tale. When a lost baby unicorn needs help, Margaret comes to the rescue. As the time comes for the baby to join its family, Margaret gets to experience real unicorn magic. Meant for ages four and up, this one is on the longer side as far as picture books go. 

If I Had A Unicorn Book Cover, a chid riding a unicorn

4. If I Had A Unicorn by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow. Part of the If I Had A… Series, this rhyming romp will delight all unicorn fans from toddler and up! Cute and clever, this whole series is a ton of fun and not to be missed. 

Not Quite Narwhal book cover: a unicorn swimming in the ocean.

5. Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima. Is Kale, our adorable protagonist, a narwhal? Though they were born in the sea and have a horn, they don’t seem sure that narwhal describes them. Go on a journey of self-discovery with the most adorable Narwhal/Unicorn you’ll ever hope to meet! If you like this one (spoiler alert: you will), visit with Kale again in the book Perfectly Pegasus. Click HERE on on the book cover photo to watch this book being read!

6. Do You Believe In Unicorns? By Bethanie Deeney Murguia. A lovely choice for preschool and up! Are unicorns real? This one let’s children decide if they believe in unicorns or not in a delightful and kind way.

The Best Books About Unicorns for Ages Eight and Up: 


  1. The Unicorn In The Barn by Jacqueline Ogburn and Rebecca Green. When Eric meets his new neighbors, he finds out their secret in the barn: they take care of magical creatures! Engaging and well-written, this one will keep any unicorn fan reading. One thing to note: this one is listed as being for ages six and up, but it does contain some strong language and one fairly violent scene. 


2. The Magical Unicorn Society Series: These enchanting stand-alone books will make dreams come true! The illustrations alone will bring such joy to all unicorn fans. You can even become a part of the Magical Unicorn Society for free with a real certificate printed from their website. The first book in the series is the Official Handbook on being in the Unicorn Society. A Brief History of Unicorns is the second book and there is also a coloring book to round this delightful trifecta out. 


3. The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman, Suzanne Nugent, and Marco Cannella. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure that will capture the imagination of anyone who loves magic. There are other magic, fantasy, and unicorn-themed Choose Your Own Adventure books, like the Warlock and the Unicorn. 


4. Unicorn Academy by Julie Sykes and Lucy Truman. A cute series for any eight-year-old that loves magic and unicorns. There is the main series and then offshoots that include themes like the Magic of Friendship and Nature Magic. Just right for children who are getting into chapter books. 

best books about unicorns

Other Ways To Celebrate National Unicorn Day:

Make your own Unicorn Book with this mini folded book

Have a delightfully-colored snack of Pink Pancakes

Add Sequins, Sparkles, and/or Rainbow Colored Paint to this easy Play Dough recipe for some fun Unicorn Dough! (Make it even more magical with a unicorn cookie cutter)

Make your own Unicorn Horn

However you celebrate National Unicorn day, I hope it’s a magical time!

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