Bookworm Wednesdays: Books For Preschoolers




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Book Worm Wednesdays: Books (And Activities) For Preschoolers 

Like reading to your preschool-aged kiddo but don’t know what to read next? Found a book you both love (which is a rare and treasured treat as many kids books are as boring as the day is long) but want to take it further? Each Wednesday, I’ll post about a book that me and my two-year-old both love along with some simple extension activities that you can do at home to make the book come alive…or will at least buy you some time to do your own thing while your kiddos make clothespin people or build easy cardboard bee hives.

Have a book or activity suggestion? Lay it on me! I love me some children’s literature and with a budding bookworm on my hands, I am always on the search for a new fun book to read a million times or an activity to try. Post it in the comments to share or feel free to email me at

See all you bookworms next Wednesday! xo, Meredith


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