Celebrating Winter Solstice With Young Children

Celebrating Winter Solstice is one of my favorite winter activities because it rejoices in the light and magic of the season. It is so easy to incorporate ways for young children to celebrate the shortest day of the year too! You can make simple lanterns or read one of the many Winter Solstice picture books on the list below.

Click HERE to hear a lantern song!

Here are instructions to make the easiest (and sweetest!) little lanterns with young children. It’s simple enough for a toddler or you can make them more complex with older children. These are fantastic for any holiday or just as decoration:

If you want to read some Winter Solstice picture books, check out the list below. It includes books about other celebrations as well:

If you want a story time video that encapsulates a sweet lantern party in honor of the moon, click on the image below to watch Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop.

However or whatever you celebrate, it’s really wonderful to add some crafts and songs for young children so they can feel like they are fully participating and having fun. If you are looking for other family traditions to make a part of your holidays, check out this list of 15 Easy and Fun Family Traditions. No holiday required!

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