Building Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books

Want to teach your children about character traits like kindness, determination, and curiosity? One way to reinforce some positive traits is through modeling them yourself, and another way is to read some fantastic picture books! I put together a book list for Imagination Soup about building positive character traits with picture books, and if you click on the image above you can read all about it.

For more about building self-esteem in children–a character trait that will serve them well throughout their life–check out this picture book video featuring the book I Am Me: A Book Of Authenticity by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds.

Building positive character traits through picture books really can help children understand themselves and those around them, even from a very young age. Hopefully these books will give your children some joy and great ideas about determination, curiosity, kindness. Which from this list will you read next? Let me know in the comments, or drop a note if there are any you would add to the list.

Happy reading!

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