Creative Book Storage Ideas For Kids

kids reading with books all around and a large circular bookshelf: creative book storage ideas for kids
Photo by Ron Lach
Do you have books galore and no where to store them? Or want to build a book library for your kids and aren’t sure where to begin? I’ve got you covered! Here is an article I wrote for Imagination Soup with eight easy and creative book storage ideas for kids rooms, small spaces, or anywhere you want to display some reading materials!

Click the link above to see some creative book storage ideas for kids to keep those book avalanches under control! 

I love finding creative ways to store books, especially since we have so many! Things that I look for when creating book storage in my house and classrooms:

  1. The books are easy to find AND put away…on those rare occasions my kids put their books away by themselves! Bookshelves that show only the spines of the books can be difficult for young children, especially for pre-readers who can’t see the book cover to know if it’s the one they want. 
  2. At least one mobile book bin, especially when my kids were younger! Toddler books love to be carted around the house. 
  3. Fun, but not distracting. I might add a toy or two, especially if they are connected to the books on the shelf, but I want the books to be the main course. 
  4. A special place for library books! A real must in our house, since we have over 75 books out at all times. I know, I might need help.
  5. A spot for “featured books” that can be changed out every month or so. It can be a themed or special interest shelf, or just a place where all the favorites of the moment go. 

All of those things can be done easily and on the cheap, especially if you are fairly handy or have a good thrift store in your neck of the woods. For actual creative book storage solutions, read the post on Imagination Soup and keep those quick tips in mind. Before you know it, you’ll have a library oasis just right for your readers!

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