Hola Dias!: A Spanish and English Song For Circle Time

Want to learn how to say the days of the week in English and Spanish? Then this song is for you! A simple way to introduce different languages to young children ages three and up. Just right for homeschooling, multilingual families, circle time, or whenever you feel like singing.

Learning through songs and music is a fantastic avenue for young children. Not only is it engaging and fun, but it helps to:

*Strengthen cognitive function by uniting the left and right sides of the brain. This can boost memory and cognition, both of which are needed when learning new skills or languages.

*Grow empathy. Using bilingual or mixed-language songs during a home learning or circle time can also help children accept (and enjoy!) differences and connect with others.

*Build vocabulary and phonological awareness (recognizing and understanding sounds), which is so important for reading.

With so many benefits to singing together, you can’t go wrong!

Click The Image Below For Video

If you are looking to add some more Spanish to your little ones life, try these Latine Picture Book Biographies.

Want another song that has some Spanish mixed in? Check out this short video of a song your children are sure to know, with a Spanish addition!

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