I Am Me: Picture Books That Build Self-Esteem

Building confidence and self-esteem during preschool and kindergarten doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something some children need to keep talking about every day. The adults in kids lives can help them by encouraging them to make their own choices around clothing and activities, say positive affirmations or mantras about themselves, and by reading books together! Some great picture books that build self-esteem, confidence, and empathy are the I Am series by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds. Click on the picture below to see a story time with the book I Am Me by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds.

Nurturing children emotionally is something we do every day in all kinds of ways, and picture books that build self-esteem can often be a big help from toddlerhood all the way through elementary school. Click here for a list of picture books that can build positive character traits in young children.

Enjoy the story!

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