Learning Song Series

 We sing a lot in our house. Like so much that we should start a family band and take it on the road. I just love to sing finger-play songs, or instructional songs (the clean-up song is big in our house), or I’ll just make up little ditties about whatever is happening in the moment to make it more exciting or interesting for my toddler. (And really, for me too, especially as I do boring chores like that fifth load of laundry with him. Or when I’m sensing one of us is about to have a meltdown. Those moments need a little levity sometimes!) When I was teaching full-time I would sing when I got stressed or overwhelmed to make my mood lighter and I find it still works for me at home, most of the time. It’s also a super easy way to build a multitude of skills, including language, cognitive, math, and social, all while keeping kiddos on task or alerting them to common rituals and transitions.

In addition to the Bookworm series, I’ve decided to add a song series that can help with skill building and transitions in your daily routines. It doesn’t matter if you are a classically trained musician or can’t carry a tune to save your life, most kids respond to music and singing with joy, and it can make things so much easier, so go ahead and sing to your hearts content!

silhouette of man holding guitar on plant fields at daytime
Photo by Keith Wako on Pexels.com

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