Let’s Get Ready!: Outside Time In Winter With Young Children

Getting dressed for outside time in the winter with young children can be difficult at best and a total nightmare at worst if you live in a cold climate. My favorite is when we are fully bundled up and about to head out the door when someone has to go pee. Getting dressed for outside time where I live means layers on layers, warm clothes, snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens. Can’t forget the mittens! But getting dressed for outside time can be a lot easier with this little song and chart. It can help children remember what they have to put on and do it independently. Any chance we get to promote independent tasks for young children–and have them be successful–is a big win!

Click the image above for a quick little video that has The Getting Ready Song, or press play below for the audio only version!

Want a simple flyer that you can hang near your door or cubby area? Download this cutie below, print, and hang!

However you handle getting dressed for outside time in the winter with young children, I wish you lots of luck, tons of patience, and children who go potty BEFORE putting on their snow pants!

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