Make An Easy Mini Folded Book: Easy Activity With Young Children

Want to have a mini folded book that fits right in a pocket or backpack? These are so easy to make and super for any kind of art and learning project, or just to have a place to keep notes or ideas jotted down! Use them for nature journals, literacy and learning activities, handmade cards or gifts, mini zines, and all kinds of other cute–and educational–ideas! All you need is a piece of paper and about two minutes and you’ll have your very own mini-book. Boom!

Click the picture to watch the short video

Supplies Needed:


Scissor (optional, you can rip the paper instead)

Whatever art supplies you want to use to decorate or write your book!

Why Do This Project?:

*This activity helps build cognitive and executive functioning skills used for following directions, focusing, and attention.

*Folding paper (and using scissors) strengthens the fine muscles in the hands, as well as motor skills and planning, and hand-eye coordination.

*This is a basic introduction to the idea of origami, a paper-folding art form from Japan.

*These books are super cute and versatile, and can be used to nurture flexible thinking, creativity, literacy skills, and whatever other ideas you use with them!

This is an easy project for kids that almost anyone can do, from preschool to adult. They come in handy for so many projects and are definitely worth a try!

For another easy project for preschool and up, try making some watercolor leaves!

Click the image below for a quick video:

For even more fun activities, Join The Circle!

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