Math Hands: Easy Math Games For Preschoolers

Looking for an easy math game for preschoolers? Math Hands is just right for preschool or kindergarten and can be played at circle time, transition times, while waiting in line, or any time you want to do some quick learning. This game builds math skills like counting and basic addition and subtraction, while also working out the fine muscles in the hands used for writing and drawing. No other supplies needed for this game, just your hands! If you are working with children that aren’t able to use their own hands, you can use yours or cut out two hand shapes and bend the fingers as needed. If you want to give this easy and fun math game for preschool a try, click the picture below to get started:

Want another easy math game for preschool? Check out this Apple Tree Felt Board game that is easy to make and can be used all year.

Math is all around us so building math skills happens throughout the day. Children learn best while at play so incorporating lessons into games can really help reinforce specific skill sets. I mean, who doesn’t love a game that helps us learn? Especially when it comes to math skills we will use over and over again. Though it’s great to be able to see numbers, just getting to count, add, and subtract is really beneficial; much more so than using worksheets or rote memorization.

Easy math games for preschool and kindergarten keep children engaged and practicing learning even when the game is over. I have had kiddos singing the “math hands” song and then counting their fingers on their own in the classroom, and any chance to practice counting is a win for everyone.

What are your favorite easy math games for preschool learning?

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