New Classes With Meredith: Play-Based Reading Teacher

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Hi, I’m Meredith and I love reading.  I’m a licensed reading teacher that wants to make reading and writing fun for beginning readers!

My goals are for learners to build confidence, fluency, and comprehension while also finding enjoyment in reading and writing. My hope is for that enjoyment to last a lifetime.

I teach in a play-based, child-centered way so my classes and learning sessions are filled with games, hands-on activities, and creative skill-builders. All based around your child’s interests and learning style.

That way, they will stay engaged and focused even as we are having fun reading and writing! That’s what being a child-centered, play-based reading teacher is all about!

Tutoring and private lessons aren’t just for learners who need more support in a specific area. Anyone and everyone can benefit from having an individualized learning experience!

Tutoring helps learners to:

*Gain a better or deeper knowledge about a topic

*Practice skills in a comfortable setting

*Relieve anxiety around reading and writing

*Build social-emotional language and skill sets, including regulation

*Find new information about how they learn best

*Engage with material in a more focused way

I find that there are many learners that thrive with one-to-one learning  experiences. That is  where a reading tutor can come into play!

So if the beginning readers in your life need a little boost or want to practice reading and writing in a playful learning session, click here or on the happy book image below.

reading teacher

If you want to give some fun reading and writing group classes a try, you can also find this one on Outschool. It is all about building phonics skills, reading comprehension, and writing our own stories! We will play fun and engaging reading games that build reading fluency and confidence. 

reading teacher advert

Story Adventures! Reading Readiness For Ages 5 to 8

Looking for a more active story time for younger children who are just starting out with phonics?

I also offer a story time class that is filled with movement games, yoga poses, and phonics practice for ages four to six.

Let’s Go On A Story Adventure! An Active Story and Circle Time

However you get your kids reading and writing, make sure to keep it fun and engaging! Let them pick the books they like and keep practicing those letter sounds.

If you ever need a reading teacher, I’m here for you!

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