Reading Games: Would You Rather? With Books!

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You all know I am low-key (or maybe high-key) obsessed with books, right? Right. So of course I have to make up games that revolve around reading! My most favorite reading game is Would You Rather? My kids each pick a book and after reading both, we decide which one we would rather be in or become. It’s so simple, and my kids and I could do this for hours and hours! Not only is reading all these books great, but the Would You Rather? discussions are hilarious and enlightening. I highly recommend playing along, and here’s a handy picture book list that I made for Imagination Soup to get you started. 

If your readers are older and moving passed the picture book stage, you can still play this reading game as a family! Pick a chapter book or graphic novel that everyone can read either together or on their own. Then you can each decide which character from the book you would rather be and why! Make it into a fun and friendly debate or come to dinner dressed as your favorite character. You can try to guess each others favorites too. Really, there are so many ways to really make this a funny family activity that puts reading front and center. Reading is FUN-damental, so go ahead and get silly with it! 

picture of a child holding up a drawing of a silly face over their own face. reading games

P.S. If you love funny Would You Rather-style debates and cool podcasts, you might want to give Smash Boom Best a try! It’s such a fantastic podcast that my kids and I adore, even if we don’t always agree with who “wins” the debate. But listening to two very funny people debate over things like Fairies vs. Giants or Coral Reefs vs. Rainforests is a delight, and we’ve learned so many super interesting facts too! Smash Boom BEST is right! (American Public Media)

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