Stone Soup is Soup-er! Books and Activities

Sorry for the soup-er pun, I just couldn’t resist! Really though, I love the story of Stone Soup, especially when it’s told in a way that brings people together with kindness around food. There are as many versions of this story, with roots in Mexico and across Europe, as there are ways to share it with your children. Here is a very brief list of some of my favorite ways to bring Stone Soup into your learning adventures:

Stone Soup by Jon J Muth

This is a classic retelling of the Stone Soup tale with delicate illustrations to match. Three monks visit a village that doesn’t want to share, but when they do a lovely celebration ensues and the monks leave the village a happier place.

Stone Soup Board Game

Have fun making Stone Soup as a team with this cooperative board game for preschool and kindergarteners alike! Easy and fast, this is a great “starter” board game for young children to help them learn about taking turns and working together, and features many different delicious veggies for soup.

Hape Chef’s Choice Wooden Play Food Set

Just right for toddlers, this play food set comes with lots of veggies that they can add to their own Stone Soup! Incorporating simple and familiar stories into pretend play is so beneficial for building flexible thinking and cognitive skills, and this set will also help with fine motor and hand-eye coordination too. Add a Hape Chef’s Cooking Set with pots and pans, and get your Stone Soup on!

Curious Chef Children’s Six-Piece Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit

For kids who are ready for the real deal and want to make their own pot of soup, this Curious Chef’s fruit and veggie prep kit is just the thing to get them started! Easy to use, clean, and safe for small hands. Just add a cutting board and some delicious veg, and you will be ready for soup in no time!

Want more Stone Soup books and activities? Feel free to check out my extended post on Imagination Soup to read all about some of my favorite ways to share this classic tale.

How do you enjoy Stone Soup? Share your ideas in the comments!

Link to my post on Imagination Soup

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