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About Me:

As a reading teacher, play enthusiast, and children’s book fanatic, I am always ready to share a book recommendation (or ten!) and my love of learning.

I have my MA in Education and am a licensed teacher with almost twenty years of teaching experience. My BA is in Health Arts and Sciences where I studied holistic health for children and social-emotional development. I’m also a certified children’s yoga teacher and have a certification in herbalism, body care, and nutrition.

I’ve worked in all kinds of schools and educational settings and find myself most at home in friendly learning spaces filled with nature, inquiry, and playfulness!

I’m equally passionate about nurturing curiosity, kindness, and reading skills in all children through play and connection.

In addition to teaching and being a mom of two, I’m also freelance writer, artist, and storyteller. I spend lots of time finding lost items and pretending to be a dinosaur or dragon. I love all things bookish, magical, and cozy.

What I offer:

Writing and Editing Services (Educational/Parenting Content)

Play-Based Reading Support (in-person or virtual)

To inquire or say hi, feel free to email me through the Let’s Connect page.

You can also find me on Outschool!

I teach reading classes, offer reading tutoring sessions, and host a fun preschool story time!

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Read more of my writing on

Imagination SoupPura Vida Moms, and Vermont Mom.

Meredith Bartolo Pappas: Teacher

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