The Scarecrow: A Picture Book For Fall

Let’s read some beautiful picture books for fall.

Where I live, fall is a gorgeous, but short, season. Right now, my home state is filled with “leaf peepers” checking out all the vibrant colors of the leaves as the trees prepare for winter. And it is no wonder! The changing colors make our mountains into fall rainbows. Locals and tourists alike are also enjoying the many pumpkin patches and corn mazes and drinking all the delicious apple cider while roaming through the orchards. Classic Autumn activities not to be missed!

One of my favorite holidays also takes place in Fall. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: think goblins and ghosts. Of course, it’s Halloween! Such a fun day to play pretend with friends. Though I do adore Halloween, I also love to find other ways to celebrate this comforting (and comfortable) season.

One of my favorite picture books for fall is The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry and The Fan Brothers. It’s so touching that it brings a tear to my eye every time I read it!

A lonely scarecrow wants friends. But a scarecrows job is to scare away all the forest animals. So what is this kind and not-scary scarecrow to do?

This is such a lovely story with beautiful illustrations. Watch a video of it here:

the scarecrow book picture book for fall


Want more picture books for fall? Check out my book list here with titles that I love to read as soon as the leaves begin changing.

Another lovely picture book for fall that centers around being grateful and kind is Apple Cake: A Dawn Casey and Genevieve Godbout. Written with a simple rhyme that thanks everyone and everything that helps us get food on our plates. A beautiful way to celebrate gratitude and a favorite fall food, apple cake. It even includes a recipe! Click the image below to see a video of it being read aloud.

apple cake picture books for fall


If you want a fall-themed activity to go along with the picture books, these watercolor leaves are beautiful and easy to make. Only a few materials are required for this one, including paint and glue, but they look so cheery in the window all year long.

Here is a video with instructions.

watercolor leaves

watercolor leaves


After some fall-themed art and stories, you can try a math song and game that revolves around that mighty fall food the apple! It’s a lot of fun and you can watch a video here. You can even make this game at home using felt, play food, real apples, pieces of paper, or whatever you have on hand. It’s just right for some fall learning!


I notice that our story times tend to get longer and longer as we move through fall and into winter. The cooler weather is reading season! It really is a beautiful time to curl up with some picture books for fall. If you have more that you would add to the list, let me know! I always love to expand our bookshelves.

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