Make Traveling Fun With Travel Games For Kids

Make traveling fun with travel games for kids!

If you are planning on doing any traveling with young children this season, or any season, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. And not just with snacks and extra clothes, but with things to keep them occupied during any unexpected traffic jams or extra-long layovers. This list of travel games for kids includes supplies you can gather before you leave and games you can play on a whim with no extras needed. There are also two printables in this post, one is a list of games that you can keep handy in a backpack or glove compartment, and the other is a car bingo “board” to help keep everyone’s eyes on the road.

two kids in a car smiling: travel games for kids

Another fun idea is Would You Rather, with books! Here is a link for some great picture books that you can use with this game. It’s fun and easy, and the discussions can keep you going for hours, or even days if you get a good book match up! You can also listen to the amazing, family-friendly podcast Smash Boom Best to hone your debate skills, if you want to take this game in a debate direction. 

two children packing a suitcase: travel games for kids

However or whenever you plan to travel with young children, don’t leave home without some sort of “fun emergency plan” like this list of travel games for kids. They even come in handy in a hotel room or while waiting in a long line, in a crowded restaurant, or any other time you have an antsy, crabby crew and don’t want to go to Meltdown City! Sometimes that detour can’t be avoided, but hopefully this list of travel games for kids can help get you back on track to Fun Town as soon as possible! You know, so you can make those “core memories” without a lot of tears. 

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