Welcome To School: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready

It’s that beautiful time of year when the weather cools and the smell of apples fill the air here in Vermont…and kids head off to school! Starting kindergarten can be the most heart-wrenching transition for families as it marks an enormous period of growth; it may also mean longer days away from home, being in a bigger school with bigger kids, riding a bus, and all the things that come with going to elementary school. It can also be intimidating for children, which is natural and completely relatable! All kindergarten teachers worth their salt know that the first month (or longer) can be rocky for some learners as they adjust to the new routines and changes. There may even be a honeymoon period when school is total joy, and just when you start to think what a snap this all is, here comes the fallout! Everyone is suddenly tired and cranky and filled with much less joy for school. But it’s all part of the natural process and joy will return! You can also head off some of this at home by getting your kids kindergarten ready, even if they have already started school for the year!

Feel free to read more about this in my newest post for Vermont Mom. It covers some easy tips and ideas for getting your kids kindergarten ready and off to school without a hitch…or at least with minimal hitches!

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