Winter Wonder Books

With the snow falling outside of my window, I thought some winter wonder books might be in order, especially since it’s been so cold here in Vermont that we can only enjoy the snow vicariously through books right now! -14 degrees sounds like just the right temperature for snuggling up to read by the wood stove, in my opinion.

There are so many lovely winter books out there, especially for those of us in snowy climates, but here are some that my kids are loving right now. All of these are great for preschool and kindergarten, and cover a range of winter ideas that can be explored both inside and outside, when it’s above freezing, of course!

100 Snowmen by Jen Arena and Stephen Gilpin. Math and snowmen? Yes, please! Cute illustrations, silly snow people, and lots of counting. Great for preschool and kindergarteners alike. 

Snow Globe Wishes by Erin Dealey and Claire Shorrock. What if a winter storm stopped everyone from doing anything except playing in the snow? That is a winter wish that comes true in this sweet book. 

Camilla, Cartographer by Julie Dillenmuth and Laura Wood. When snow buries Camilla’s neighborhood, she realizes that she is in uncharted territory and makes a map to help her friends navigate the forest in the snow. Just right for snowy days and budding cartographers!

 A Day So Gray by Marie Lamba and Alea Marley. Is it gray, or do you see some green poking out from under the snow? Brown hot cocoa in a cup? Yellow boots on feet? Two friends explore a wintery day and find all the colors that it brings. One friend is a bit grouchy about the gray, but the colors of the day seem to perk her up by the end. 

Let’s Go! Animal Tracks In The Snow! By Diane Polley and Marion Hall. A rhyming romp through a winter day for some forest animals. An animal track primer, great for preschoolers, that includes interesting tracking descriptions at the end of the book.

It’s Winter! By Linda Glaser and Susan Swan. This snowy day looks even more interesting with these fantastic cut-paper illustrations. Simple enough for young preschoolers, but the art is interesting enough to hold the attention of older kids too.

Extra Credit:

Green on Green by Dianne White and Felicita Sala. This is such a beautiful book that travels through all the seasons, and will leave you longing for sunny, blooming days while also loving every season along the way. Fantastic for any time of year!

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