Such A Little Mouse: A Picture Book About The Seasons

Such A Little Mouse by Alice Schertle and Stephanie Yue. A favorite picture book about the seasons!

This sweet little mouse comes out of his house to show what each season is like for him. He has easy little adventures and meets up with different animals based on the season. He also gets to collect seasonal food and see how the weather and landscape change. When a snowy day arrives, little mouse heads back into his home for a delightfully cozy day. Such an adorable picture book about the seasons!

This gentle story with darling illustrations leaves me wanting to live this mouse’s sweet life!

Such A Little Mouse picture books about the seasons

If you want to see this story being read, click here or on the book cover art above. After listening, check out some more mouse-themed fun with this circle time game: Little Mouse’s House.

Little Mouse House circle time game

 Little mouse is hiding in one of the houses. But which one? Can you find that little mouse?

If your little mouse likes this game, you can make one with this simple template, some paper or felt, and a scissor. It’s so easy and fun all-season long! Click the Mouse House Template link below to get started.

Mouse House Template



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Whatever book you decide to read next, I hope this little mouse and his picture book about the seasons has you feeling warm and cozy whatever the weather.


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